avery 1

The ensemble

The cast of The York Theatre developmental lab production.

From left to right: Rebecca Eichenberger, Troy Britton Johnson, Christina Bianco, Michael di Liberto, Donna English

avery 2

The Impossible Cream

To sell the impossible cream,

To make the unprovable claim

avery 3

Folliculi, Follicula

Transplant, transplant, that’s the thing for me!

Transplant, transplant follicles with glee!

Folliculi, follicula, folliculi, follicula!

Hair is everywhere, folliculi, follicula!

avery 4

Nothin’ Could Be Fina

Nothin’ could be fina than a shiny new vagina

In the maw-aw-awnin’

avery 5b

Hava Face Peel-a

Have a face peel-a, have a face peel-a, have a face peel-a, major it’s not

avery 6

Thanks for the Mammaries

Thanks for the mammaries,

My boobs were much too small

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